Storyboard Work

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Storyboarding and Pre-production work

As a way of improving the way i pitch ideas to clients, I’ve further developed my drawing skills and have been providing simplified hand drawn concept storyboards for each client pitch. I am able to provide clients more detailed storyboards for production, draft campaign images and pre-production material such as mood boards and style examples.


I initially draw out each project onto ipad or paper, then scan the page into the computer, redraw the outlines in Adobe Photoshop, add shading and colour (the darker the colour the less important it is in the frame) and add final action captions to each still and voice over.

Smirnoff story boarding example:

The result

The result communicates ideas much quicker than a written description or treatment, is cheap and time efficient. I have found that clients also understand the visual concept much quicker and typically require less changes the first draft in post (if a storyboard was provided).

Storyboards by Sean Rodrigo

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