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After putting up my hand to contribute to some blogs. I’ve written two posts on cinescopophilia.  The blog is dedicated to cine gear and all things camera techy, but my articles touch on some of the themes you’ll encounter when buying and using new equipment.

With some new work on the boil, i’ve started to move towards writing more screenplays and articles.

Have a look at the below articles:

Buying Quality Gear and Reliability

‘Buying from reputable sellers is crucial, buying products that include support as a selling feature is also essential. From experience, when you buy something from apple, you know you’re going to be able to get it replaced on the spot if it’s a manufacturing fault, HP on the other hand will make you talk to an Indian operator through five hours of trouble shooting, just to get a faulty hard drive replaced.’

Zoom H1, Jag 35 lcdvf, Canon 50mm f1.4

DSLR Starter Video Essentials

‘With DSLRs becoming a popular option for emerging video shooters, a number manufacturers have seen a market in providing ‘essential shooters gear’ which will quickly rid you of that unwanted cash burning a hole in your pocket. So what really constitutes essential?’

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